#ColorOfTheYear: Living Coral

Photo: Dezeen

Every year Pantone choose the “Color of the Year”, which isbasically the color that is supposed to represent and be super popular in the year. They recently announced that, for 2019, it will be Living Coral.

About the color: Living coral is a coral hue with a touch of gold. It is animating, life-affirming and energetic and embodies the need for playful expressions. This is also a color from nature; this is the color of the coral reefs (which are dying because of us, humans). According to Pantone, this color represents a reaction to the digital technologies and social medias that are becoming even more present in our daily life; it represents how we are seeking authentic and immersive experience.

My opinion: I personally really like this color and its meaning. I’m an open hater of purple; I think it is too sad and heavy, so when they announced ultra violet for 2018, I got disappointed. But Living Coral is happy and energetic; I think it talks way more with my personality than the color that shall not be named. 

If you want to learn how to incorporate living color in your daily life, I did a video doing a coral makeup! This video is really amazing and well edited (kkkkk), so you should watch it! And give a like! And subscribe!

  • What are your thoughts about Living Coral? Do you think it will really be the color of 2019?

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