5 Outfits to Inspire Your Week

As it is tradition (or at least I’m trying to make it one), every Monday morning there is a new post with 5 outfits inspirations. No matter the weather, or your style, there is something for you. 

Tailored pieces always make an outfit look chic. In 2019, don’t be afraid to play with it. Everybody has at least one tailored piece in their wardrobe, and fashion is encouraging us to play more with it. Oversized blazers can turn any outfit more edgy and “cool kid” worth it, while long checked coats are warm and fancy.

But if you want something even more playful, choose something in a bright color, preferably with a shiny finish. On Couture Week, Armani Privé presented a collection full of bright red (and other colors) pieces with lacquer-like finish. If you needed an excuse to start wearing vinyl again, here is one!

Sometimes our Instagram feed can make us forget that the simplest pieces can make a great outfit. Shirt + skirt + sneaker can make a super comfortable and pretty outfit to walk around during the warm days. A nice t-shirt with a nice fitting pair of jeans can also make a gorgeous outfit that can be worn from day to night.

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