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After 50 years, Jean Paul Gaultier says Au Revoir

For the past 50 years Jean Paul Gaultier acted as one of the kings of fashion. But this year he decided to retire. And to create a giant fashion show celebrating all of his brand’s values and iconic creations, guaranteeing that his last couture collection would be remembered forever. Because this was above all a

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What I Read in January 2020

I believe January is the best month of the year. It is not only a moment for new beginnings and/or a life refresh, but also my birthday month. As a gift to myself I started reading multiple books at the same time, and finished three of them. Other three are still on my nightstand. The

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6 Brands that are still donating to help the Australia Bushfires

Australia is currently going through their worst bushfire ever. At least 24 people died, as well as millions of animals, and 18 million acres of land were burned. In the past 5 days some brands announced they were donating their profits for charities that helped the victims of bushfires. If you want to help the

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