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#Logomania: 17 Handbags That Follows the Trend

One of the most extravagant, over the top and funtrends of the moment is logomania. The rich and famous have been loving to wearlogos from head to toe. But not everybody (most people) can afford thislifestyle. If you like this type of look, but don’t have millions in your bank account,or any logos in your

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#CarolTalks: Louis Vuitton Spring 2019

On October 2nd Louis Vuitton closed Paris Fashion Week with a show at the Louvre, as usual. The collection left me with many thoughts in my mind. Good thoughts. One of them was the fact that they had a plural cast, with transgender, Asians, black and white models (I hate this division/ description of people by

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#Shops: 6 Styles of Sneakers to Have in Your Wardrobe

Sneakers are the most versatile shoe anyone can have in their wardrobe. They are comfortable, stylish and keep your feet dry during rainy days. To be honest, I no longer wear them that much. I think it might be because I’ve spent years only being able to wear sneakers for school. But every time I

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