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Fashion and Beauty News of the Week: Being Inclusive

I wanted to write a clever introduction for this week’s news, but it is just not coming out. There were some nice things, and not some nice things. But here is supposed to be a happy corner on the internet. After all, if we want to not be happy, we just need to open regular

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Beauty and Fashion News of the Week: New Brand, Product Launches and Some Pretty Handbags

This past week has been…uh…it will be too depressing if I start talking about it. One of the most talked about subjects was how Earth’s lungs (aka the Amazon rainforest) is on fire. But, again, let’s make this a ‘happy’ corner of the internet land. (*prays to my God not let humans burn down 20%

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News of the Week (11/03 – 17/03)

Burberry plans to go plastic-free by 2025 Burberry is planning to eliminate all the plastic in their packaging by 2025. According to WWD, the brand wants to replace all hangers, shrouds, and poly bags for eco-friendly ones by the end of the year. They will also launch a hanger take-back program, so discarded retail hangers

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