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What I Read in April

March and April have been weird months, spent mostly at home. Even though I had more time to read, it was hard to concentrate in March, so I didn’t manage to finish any book that month. But in April my headspace got much better. I read a total of six books, some of them I

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Books to Read While Social Isolating Part 2

One of the pros of being at home during this weird time we are living, is that we can do things like read more. A few weeks ago, I wrote a list with some book suggestions. The first part of this list was posted last week (check out here), and today I’m sharing the second

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Amazon Book Haul

A few weeks (or maybe more, I lost count) ago Amazon blessed us with Amazon Day. And me being me, I spent a considerate amount of money on books. 9 in total. When the giant box the next day (it worked this time!) arrived I got very happy to see them in person. But then

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