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What I Read in July

July has been quite a busy month for me. And as a result of that, I didn’t read as much as I wished (the expectations were high). I also started a bunch of new books that I’m either at the beginning or just finished. In the past couple of months, I developed the habit of

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What I Read in June

One of my favorite hobbies since I was a kid is reading. I started reading very early (thanks mom!), and I always read a little bit of everything, from biographies to dystopian novels, from Nicholas Sparks to Gabriel García Marques. I believe that the activity of reading (it being a book or a flyer) can

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#MusicalMonday: The Chainsmokers, Dua Lipa +

One of my many (and oldest) passions in life is music. I always liked to listen to them, to enjoy and sing along (and no, I’m not a good singer). There is a song for every phase of my life, Hannah Montana at 8, David Guetta at 12 (his songs played in every single party),

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