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O que eu li em Dezembro

Dezembro é o mês mais festivo do ano, mas também um dos mais corridos. Ele também é o mês no qual tentamos finalizar algumas coisas, como aquele livro chato que você começou a ler em agosto e que decidiu dar uma segunda chance. O Ano do Diluvio por Margaret Atwood O Ano do Diluvio é

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What I Read in December

December is the most festive month of the year, but also the busiest for anyone that has goes to college or work. This is also the time where we want to finish things, like that very boring book you started in August and wanted to give a second chance. The Year of the Flood by

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What I Read in June

One of my favorite hobbies since I was a kid is reading. I started reading very early (thanks mom!), and I always read a little bit of everything, from biographies to dystopian novels, from Nicholas Sparks to Gabriel García Marques. I believe that the activity of reading (it being a book or a flyer) can

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